The Barbarian Banquet Company

A medieval culinary adventure

The Barbarian Banquet Company will bring an adventure to your party. Our food is second to none and we have unique live entertainment that will wow you and your friends. We can provide custom interactive shows and custom catering, or pick from our menu and leave the rest to us. We also have a variety of Party Trays available, to help make entertaining a breeze. With ample notice, we will have everything you need to entertain and feed those hungry friends. With our high standard of quality you are sure to get raves from all your guests. Call us for more details: 218-546-8299, or e-mail:

The Vikings were seafaring people who traveled the world and spread their culture through Europe. In doing so they also picked up things from other cultures. Our menu is varied in celebration of the Vikings rich history. We serve our food with the pride and the robust nature of the Vikings in our Viking attire. When you choose The Barbarian Banquet Company you have chosen not only grand food service but the gift of memories. 

Soups Prices per Person $6.95

Leek and Potato soup. From the shores of the British Isles, leeks provide this soup with a nice flavor that makes the beef broth and potatoes go so well together.

Tomato and Blue Cheese soup. Creamy tomato soup with just a hint of tangy blue cheese makes this a nice twist on a creamy favorite perfect for those long cold voyages!

Mulligatawny soup. This curried soup’s name means Peppered water. The addition of chicken and turnips make it a spicy sampler and a great way to start a meal.  

Appetizers Prices per Person $8.95

Meat Pies. A full line of classic meaty pasties we take these every where served hot or cold. Barley mince pies, pork pies, and steak pies are our choices.

Smoked Mackerel and Apple Dip. This savory dip is easily spread over crackers, with the sweet and tart taste of the apple blending nicely with the smoky flavors of the fish.   

Pears and Stilton. A classic dish from the towns in whales, this strong English cheese melts in with the flavors of baked pears.

Leek and Broccoli Tartlets. Little bits of a savory blending, that these two veggies make perfect. Served in a French style pastry baked to perfection.

Crumb-Coated Prawns. Toasted shrimp with a light breading that is not fried. We bake these little beauties to perfection the serve them up with some cocktail sauce.

Glamorgan Sausages. These tasty sausages are ideal for vegetarians as they are made from leeks and cheese rather than meat. Rolled in breadcrumbs and fried they are a treat even a carnivore will love 

Salads Prices per Person $7.95

Smoked Trout salad. A true find as we partner smoked salmon with horseradish mixed yogurt this light salad is the perfect opener to any of our meals. All served on a bed of fresh greens.

Vegetable salad. A combination of great fresh veggies, and sweet cooked tubers in a creamy sauce of herbs and tangy onions served on a bed of fresh greens.

Flank Steak salad. Marinated flank steak seared and sliced draped over a pile of fresh greens topped with pickled peppers. 

Main Dishes Prices per person $14.95 (Market Value will been added for wild game dish)

Pot Roast of Elk. Seasoned Elk meat surrounded with carrots, parsnips, potatoes, and rutabagas, all roasted together giving a great taste to all the ingredients. We can substitute Venison, Pork, or Beef for the Elk.

Pheasant with Mushrooms. The hearty taste of mushrooms, in a thick and rich sauce coats this prized catch of fowl perfectly served with roasted potatoes and asparagus. Chicken or Turkey can take the place of the pheasant in this dish.

Longhouse Venison Pie. Deer meat paired with select vegetables, and a crisp lingonberry sauce, topped with mashed potatoes, and rutabagas then cooked in an oven to a golden brown color. Beef and Pork are also available for this dish.

Dill Salmon. Lightly salted salmon layered with dill and baked served with a creamy sauce on a bed of rice, with steamed broccoli.

Roasted Turkey Legs. A Classic meal, large drumsticks by any standards these brutes are served with a rice blend and “THE sauce”.  

Dessert Prices per Person $3.95

Fruit & Nut Turnovers. Tasty little pastries made with fruits & nuts of the season lightly fried and coated with bakers sugar.

Chocolate Dipped Fruit. We take fresh fruit and hand dip them in sweet chocolate, a light but satisfying end to our meals.

Chocolate Mice & Cheese. A one of a kind dessert we hand make chocolate mice and give each one its own little cheesecake before we hand it over to you, to do with as you see fit. 

To Order

Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions and discuss your event options with you. As you decide on a date for your event you will be required to make a deposit to book the reservation.

We will help you finalize the menu and the details of your party at least three days prior to your event. We require final menu counts, for each person that is attending, 48 hours prior to the event.

Prices do not include applicable sales tax, or 18% service charge, 

service charge to be dispensed at management discretion. The entire function will be billed on one check.

Banquet Facilities

The Nordic Inn can be booked for private events and banquets. The atmosphere is unique, inviting, and the castle is completely private. To see more about the Nordic Inn go to

GROUP SIZE - The Nordic Inn will accommodate very small groups, or any size group up to 40 for lunch or dinner. We can even accommodate your casual reception for up to 60 people. The Inn is also a great setting for an all-day conference or seminar for up to 40 people.

PRIVATE EVENT – Having the atmosphere of the Inn exclusively for your group for a daytime luncheon or an evening dinner.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE MINIMUM - In order to accommodate your group as a private event at The Nordic Inn, we have established a minimum amount your group must spend in order to displace any lost revenue from our regular business. If your group meets the minimum, before tax and service, there are no additional charges. If you fall short of the minimum, the difference between what you spend and the minimum becomes a room rental charge.

Event Deposit - We ask for a deposit to book your reservation. The deposit will be applied to your final bill.